Friday, July 21, 2006

Keeping Carrie Bradshaw out of it

Writer's Block
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Last weekend I attended a workshop at Chicago's heritage-listed Newberry Library. The building is beautiful and the workshop was actually pretty good too.

I'd signed up primarily because I have been curious for some time about what to do with this blog, if anything at all. Could I turn it into something more interesting? And if so, should I bother?

The workshop was about distilling the elements of memoir writing into its basic elements. In a continued effort to eliminate writers block, the idea is to take a story and focus your mind on the showing, not the telling. Identify the person, or the location, that needs to come out and then describe that - don't deviate from it until you're done.

Having been away from home for nearly 18 months now, there are certainly lots of stories that I haven't told (at least in full) and so I have a lot of material to share. Do I have the time and energy to devote to the story-telling though?

But today I celebrated my new vocation by purchasing a shiny silver Dell laptop. Of course I'd been thinking about this purchase for some time, and conducting some rather exhaustive online research to identify the best model for me. So I guess I'm on the right track to going back over my life so far and working out what warrants telling, and what should probably stay buried forever.


Jammin' Jemma said...

Well, if you're wanting pictures I can send you COPIES (not the originals) of the vegemite and red scivvy pics. haha

glamah16 said...

Vegamite and Red Sckivies. Say it aint so Gab's!!!!

batreg said...

I can help with the stories to keep buried.