Friday, June 23, 2006

I'll get the next round - she'll be right, mate

The Consulate stopped yesterday as we piled into the Conference Room to watch Australia take on Croatia and ultimately advance to the next round of the World Cup.  What a match!  I was on the edge of my seat, then I was on my feet, then I was shouting and swearing and generally carrying on right up until the game was over and the poor ref couldn't work out who to red card first.

It has been a real delight to watch the video footage on the day after the big games, seeing Aussie fans "going off" in pubs, clubs, and even public squares all around Australia.  

We were talking yesterday about whether we feel more patriotic when we're outside of Australia, and I think I do.  I mean, I get behind Aussie football at home, and I am vocal about my love of all things Australia.  But when I'm away from home, I think my patriotism is much more obvious and I cease to think it's daggy to don a green and gold shirt and smear on the face paint to cheer as an Aussie team does the country proud.

And what makes me even happier, if not a little surprised, is the ease with which the Socceroos have been welcomed with open arms.  Now that the USA has been eliminated, my US friends have noticed a real shift in support to now concentrate on Australia's efforts and join our chorus of cheers.  It's all pretty fabulous if you ask me.

So I will be watching next week when we take on Italy in what is no doubt going to be a really tough match.  But I know that all around the world, Australian citizens and adopted Aussies alike will be behind the boys and keen to see just how well we can do.  She'll be right, and I can't wait.

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