Wednesday, November 23, 2005

That name again is Mr Plough

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I awoke this morning to realise that Grace Street was buried somewhere under a few inches of freshly-fallen snow.

The nocturnal flurries had blanketed the road and all the cars with crunchy ice and snow, and the effect was just beautiful.

I walked to the bus stop looking like a little eskimo and, no kidding, the snow was falling like little shreds of toilet paper floating through the air.

Once I got downtown though, things looked decidedly bleaker. The dry snow had given way to a wet drizzle and the puddles and greyness dulled my spirits somewhat. Even a warming Starbucks couldn't lift me out of the fug.

But the promise of drinks after work today, and a free ticket to "The Producers" on Monday night is buoying me slightly. And by 'slightly', I mean 'a lot'.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

unused toilet paper i hope ;)

Anonymous said...

Nothing that a Cosmo can't fix Gab!

kilabyte said...

The worry I am starting to develop is that your life is starting to emulate Katey's ..... that will make 2 of you who party hard and work easy. Maybe the coming winter months will slow the pair of you down a bit so that the rest of us can catch our breath and can keep up. I notice that Reggie is finally back in harness. The old mind was spinning with the three of you out there in party land at the same time.

Batreg said...

Dodgey - gross!

Good advice on the cosmo's and luckily you can just park your drink in the nearest snow bank to keep it chilly.

What with Xmas coming up there's plenty of chance to get out and about - one has to advicate the virtues of Aussie wine and then make the concession to try the rest of the world's selection. Go on kilabyte - get out there.